The Little Band

About us

THE LITTLE BAND ......................started in 1980 as part of an idea to raise funds to provide for visiting dance teams, primarily our friends in Germany. Additionally there were lots of musicians at the time who wanted to play for dancing but needed experience.
THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT ............was to gather together as many musicians and callers as wished and to play for the fund. The result was an unamplified line up of up to 30 musicians, and a caller who just did it for the fun of it.
AS THE BOOKINGS ARRIVED......there were some who could not accommodate the “Big Band” or “Jam Band” as it became to be known and it was decided for the sake of the fund to take these bookings, with Max Bradley (on fiddle) Dave Evardson (on Guitar) and Julie Evardson (on Bodhran). Hence it became “The Little Band”, which has stuck to this day. On completion of the project, the above decided to carry on with that “Little Band”
DURING THE YEARS................since 1980, there have been a balanced number of changes to the regular line up, but throughout the band has maintained its commitment to a professional and lively contribution to clients events
THE CURRENT LINE UP........... consists of fiddles, flute, and rhythm and bass guitars. This gives a lively and light sound to the music. The actual line up may vary due to other musical commitments, but each section of the band has a number of additional people who can be called upon to cover unavailable members. The result is a minimum line up of 3 band + caller with a more regular 4 + caller.
WE FIND THAT..................... the spontaneous nature of the resulting music and calling gives a bounce and freshness to each performance without compromise to quality.

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